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Project 3 Proposal

My project 3 subject will come from the argument I used in project 2 which states that men are less likely to attend therapy because of gender roles. My project breaks this argument into 3 different genres, those being print: a poster, digital factor: a video, and a network system: website or twitter.

The poster that will be included into my project will be kind of like a clinical review. It basically serve to raise awareness on the impact that gender roles have on men attending therapy. It will be a poster around places that most psychologists go so they will be forced to give attention to that fact that there should be more research done on this topic.

The digital factor that is incorporated will be a video recording of a mock therapy session. The video will show how therapy sessions work and a run done of the process. This is so the men can actually see that therapy is not as bad as it seems and gives them a better understanding of therapy. This will make men more comfortable to step into a session rather than going into a session blind and nervous.

The network system I chose will be either a website and a twitter page. The website will be ran by multiple psychologists so they can add advice or answer anonymous questions for those men who are still nervous or fearful of therapy. Included will be a question and answer for the day or a topic of the day.

The genres of my project 3 will strive to make the gender roles in psychology better rather than stagnant for worse.


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