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Chapter 10: Assembling A Multi-Genre Project

A multi-genre project is essentially just multiple genres included in one paper surrounding one topic, but it must include a minimum of three genres. A multi-genre project may include informative: annotated timeline or map, persuasive: presentation, photo essay, slideshow, or an author’s or artist’s statement, or narrative: story or interview. You do not have to do and either or for an example you may have a collection of narrative pieces.

With a regular genre paper you form an argument based on a research question and expand on that idea. With multi-genre the use of physical genres may help expand the paper to help a more interesting and visual project. It helps to form a better connection with the audience of your paper. This is because some people focus differently from other. For an example some people focus better with pictures, others with videos, and some may need to read it themselves.

Another way is to use your rhetorical appeals in your favor. You can base each genre on different appeals. The book gives this example as using one for emphasize on logos, one on ethos, and another on pathos or only using one appeal. Or even using media and modes as well. There are no boundaries when creating a multi-genre paper.

When finished go through a checklist to clarify that everything needed is within the paper. You should have an introduction to your paper (context included is necessary), sequence your genre pieces to verify that it flows, title your project, create an Author’s or Artist’s Statement,  and package the project correctly with creativity.


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