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Chapter 9: Revising & Remixing Your Work

Generally people believe that not everybody has the right to critique and revise work because of “experience.” On the contrary little experience is needed to revise, therefore, anyone can revise a piece of work. Chapter 9 explores this idea and explains more ways that one can revise and remix their work.

You should always begin revising with a draft. Just write all you want to say in the paper in the draft . The structure can be important but for a draft not necessarily, you write the draft to form a purpose from your topic. You can always go back in revising and fix your structure.

With self-critiques and reviews you should begin by verifying the purpose of your paper. Once you have your purpose you should have an idea where the paper its and where you would like the paper to be after the revision. This helps to form an Author’s or Artist’s Statement. If you have gotten that far than you will feel as though there is nothing else to fix. You will no longer see the obvious errors in front of you or things that could be included to make the paper better. This is the purpose of a peer review.  You may view the story as one thing but those who are doing the peer review will be able to tell you if the got the same tone, purpose, thesis, etc. as you didd reading and writing your own paper.


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