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You’re Being Serious

The digital artifact which I have chosen is a meme of a young boy named Gavin which can be classified under the category of humorous meme. This meme is universal in the sense that it is relatable to all through its humor and common expressions to all of society. Similarly, people in society in fact have the same emotions, reactions, and expressions as those presented in the meme. You just look at the meme a form of connection of people through humor.
Compositions that are separated into categories to help others differentiate each composition are called genres. Genres are a way of grouping artifacts together which have common similarities. Such as the subject in which the object is formed around. The compositions range from art work to actual written articles. People classify using genres in the same context that scientists use taxonomies. It is basically used to distinguish physical or digital pieces of works. Therefore, I classify the image under the humorous genre. In grade school students are typically taught genres are basically either fiction or non-fiction. Although when sorting certain works with others we look at the same situations in each work. Some examples of this are the style or the theme in the compositions.
The digital artifact I have chosen for project one is a little boy that has become the face of most present day social media. The picture of the boy reached the surface of the Internet and rose in fame because everyone saw how stressed and serious a little boy could be. Within the picture there is a boy with one of his hands holding up his head and the other hand resting on his leg. The little boy’s facial features shows him gazing off as if he is confused and trying to figure out what happened, alongside the expression that he is fed up. I chose this picture because the memos attached to the boy, no matter what the circumstances he always makes me laugh. As well as the memes usually describe how I feel and react to people in my head since I can’t say it out loud. This also describes how most people feel toward others. The picture groups people into two categories. A person is either the little boy or a person is the one always given a judgmental look. Although the boy usually seems serious, annoyed, and sometimes even confused. His correlation to my life makes me laugh. Therefore, I would categorize the picture as a genre better known to present day society as meme. This digital artifact stands out above all because it is a universal expression through the genre of memes. With the image being seen as universal the picture allows people to connect and share similar feelings. The picture is to inform people of their reactions as well as why people react this way. Usually people assume people have a bad attitude because they make the face. Which is not always the case. People can also make the face in a state of confusion. However, both confusion and fed up can be seen as funny.
To classify something in a genre one must define the genre. A meme is a digital image, video, or a piece of text taken of noun and is either participating in a verbal or non-verbal action. Although, memes actually have genres within its own genre. Which are the images, videos. Or piece of texts. An image can be categorized as a meme with or without words. However, the level of humor is usually determined by the caption alongside the different forms. The greatest characteristics about memes are that people can just take the forms and edit them which allows the forms to float around social media in thousands and thousands of different variations of digital forms. The meme I have chosen is without words because there are multiple cations given to the picture. Therefore, memes connect as a genre through the grouping based off similarity in styles, purpose, and form. All memes purposes are to be relatable, structured the same through the digital form, and words. This gives us the ability to group them into a genre of memes. Thus, the meme connects as a genre.
Memes may also be classified within their genres based on the pieces subject matter. The genre within meme that I would categorize the image under is a humorous meme. To classify something in a humorous meme the structure of the work must fit that as humorous genres structures. These structures include those that show a sign of dilemma, which usually either makes people laugh or cry. In the situation presented in the picture is distress or dilemma but in this case because of the boy’s face it is seen as humorous. Another technique used to structure humorous genres is the form of speech. Uniquely when a piece of work is based on humor the tone given is monotone or plain. It is the sort of tone people use to be witty or to say a pun. Every meme associated with this boy has this tone given off. The words are spoken as they would be in a normal voice but it is humorous because there are relatable jokes associated with them meme. Another characteristic of humorous genres is the reactions given off of the piece of work. Most people have laughed, retweeted, reposted, etc. the pictures of the little boy. There has been pages created based on the little boy where people just post memes the make from the pictures. These are positive reaction which are confirmed by not only the emoji’s but also the feed on social media as you read the comments associated with the pictures.
The digital artifacts are aimed to relate to the people that say or do something that would have someone make that face and react that similarly to the way the boy reacts. Therefore, I am aiming toward the same audience. Which to me should not be difficult because as stated before the expression is universal. Usually with the genre of memes they aim to have people understand universal jokes rather than inside jokes. People also aim to say offense jokes using the memes during awards or television show premieres; mainly reality shows. Likewise, in a way the digital artifact I have chosen may offend those who the boy’s reaction is toward. This is because the boy usually makes the reaction if someone said or did something stupid. This in a way insults others and makes them feel they are stupid. Most memes use insulting people through memes as a way to humor people. In that same form people use the memes to insult people in way that others would understand universally.
Most of the comments on the little boy’s pictures under his social media accounts on twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and vine are of people reposting “mood,” “same,” or a crying emoji. These leads to the conclusion that the thesis was correct. Using the meme also connects people through humor since people usually feel the same way about similar subjects. Not only is it a genre of meme but the picture is in fact universal and relatable through the idea of humor.

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