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Chapter 8: Composing in Genres

To begin with chapter 8 breaks down the purposes for rough drafts. It is basically your research question finally written down in sometime of form. This will allow the writer to see whether the research question will form an actual research paper or not. By this it just means does the question have enough argumentative data or data that agrees with the question being research to meet the word count. Thus, continues on to discuss how to write the rough draft using helpful hints, editing sources, and putting it all together for draft 2 and the final paper.

It is recommended to start the paper to match quantity not quality. Therefore, when beginning a paper do not worry as much for the introduction and thesis as much as you should the amount of content. Have a set list on sources and evaluate those sources to meet quantity. The second draft is when caring for structure such as preparing the proper thesis and annotating sources. Once finishing the checklist for the first and second draft you begin the long process of finalizing the paper. To begin one should set all of their feedback given from both drafts. Start of rereading the second draft. When doing so focus on the structure, design, themes, settings, medium, tone, and etc. Then begin annotating sources. To begin this process one must set all their sources out and begin writing how each has it’s own purpose and how it will serve it’s purpose as evidence. After note the author’s purpose for the source, main points, and audiences. Then analyze the source through understanding techniques the author used and why. Rounding everything up all together after making final cuts just be sure you chose the proper genre for your paper. To do so take the research question and analyze the style, mode, medium, audience, rhetorical appeal, and etc. Using these should help conclude the genre the paper falls under based on how similar all qualities are and what genre they all fall under.


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