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RR: Annoying Ways Ppl Source

Annoyances in writing are usually noticed by pickiest readers such as teacher or editors. However, it is still always good to know guidelines or at least the basic common errors that annoying readers who do pay attention. Most writers either do not know of the common American writing system guidelines or the know of it and choose to ignore it.

The first annoyance is common with first year composition students. The error comes into play when theyou drop a quote in unexpectedly. It is always best to ease a reader into the quote. Another common mistake is beginning to analyze a quote but never finishing it. It is easy to accidently do this because most writers do. Some people may choose to open an essay with a quote, which can make or break an essay. Just note when making this choice to not choose an extra long quote because it drags the introduction on more than it should. It also may come off as you just needed something to open it, needed to reach a word count, or out of place. The biggest crutch that is used when writing a research paper is quotations. However, adding to much quotations comes off as you are trying to show off everything you know. But doing so may come off as adding too much information without really analyzing the quote and getting to the point. Alongside a quotation that is inserted into a sentence always be sure the sentence and quote match grammatically. With that being said, do not switch from first, to second, to third person and make sure the verb and subject agree. Works cited sometimes do not match the in text citation. Just make sure these both match. Then clarify which sentence came from where. All and all the annoying ways to use sources usually varies from person to person.


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