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Rhetorical Rationale: Project 1

To begin project 1 with a thesis surrounding the idea that Gavin was categorized in a genre of humor. As I started writing the actual paper it seemed hard to reach the word count and the topic had less sources. The paper originally focused on humor but humor as a genre is not broad but straight forward. After my one-on-one I realized that the paper should be focused on the genre of meme so it would not be limited. To broaden the subject further i kept the idea of humor and used it alongside the meme genre. Once I changed my angle of the paper became easier to write. The idea developed into a humorous meme which allowed me to have more sources and more evidence through different social media. The three changes within the process clearly showed the project was not going to be done as fast as I thought. However, once I got to the third idea change the project had an easier and faster flow. The flow was simpler and I did not have to stop as much to check sources and if the idea actually made sense as many times as I did with the first and second draft.

I started my actual writing process with an outline after choosing the topic by scrolling through twitter, tumblr, instagram, and facebook.. When I started writing after the outline I changed the topic three times but didn’t start it all the way from the beginning. Luckily because humor and humorous memes were similar everything didn’t need to be changed just flipped around. I like to write things out physically and then type them on a computer. I only use a phone or something smaller than a computer if it is absolutely necessary. The most changes I made after the first draft were after the one-on-one and workshop. I’m thankful for the these revising section. It cleaned up the paper’s grammar and structure tremendously and it now seems like a college paper.


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