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Chapter 5: Exploring Topics & Creating A Research Proposal

When composing you start off choosing the topic. The topic should typically be chosen after one does research. Another good way to choose a topic is by making a list and deduct ideas off the list as you go. It is usual that people pick topics they are passionate about the most or things they would like to know more about. Pick the topic that is not too open because that leads to struggling with an actual focal point. After picking a topic make and define yourself a research question. Note the question should be argumentative. After claiming your research question conduct further research about that topic. There should always be enough research conducted that the paper will include enough evident facts. The best way to find credible information is by using the database system we were taught at Strozier. It allows reassurance that the information is not false and if tampered with it is updated by actual scholars or experts. Following gathering the information it is recommended that the sources be organized.

The overall purpose of chapter 5 was to get a better understanding of how to start the process of choosing a topic and conducting the research for the topic.


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