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Chapter 4:Persuasive Genres

To persuade readers writers use print and digital forms to convince their readers of something. However, persuasive genres typically target their audiences harder than other genres. The writer means for something and they want results. Rather than compared to an informative genre where the writer hopes to inform as many as possible, not specifically talk someone into something. The more the writer can relate to the audience the easier it is to actually convince their readers.

Rhetorical appeals weigh the heaviest on a persuasive essay through the use logos, ethos, and pathos. The logos is the logical purpose of why the writer is trying to persuade their readers. Ethos is the trust and authority that the writer establishes with their audiences. It shows the writers drive and motivation for the the persuaded topic. Pathos is the emotion the writer is trying to evoke from the reader through their persuasion. Alongside rhetorical appeal the style, sources, mode, media, and design effect the persuasiveness of an essay. When reading an essay the readers use those techniques to analyze and essay and be able to tell whether it was actually written well. The essay not only teaches readers how to differentiating analyzing an persuasive piece of work compared to other genres but it also how to write a persuasive essay using those elements.


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