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Thoughts on Chapter 2

Chapter 2 in the Bedford Book of Genres discuss the sub-field of genres known as narrative genres. Narratives are basically stories told from our personal perspectives but can also be stories told by people. In this chapter we are taught the process of how to properly write a narrative from start to finish. We are also given descriptions of the sub-fields within narrative genres. This includes: memoirs, graphic memoirs, photo essays, fairy tales, short stories,and dramatic films. Also spoken about throughout chapter 2 are the elements of narratives which include: style, design, and sources.

Alongside the elements of narratives is how to analyze narratives for rhetorical situation. To do so you must look for the purpose, audience, rhetorical appeals, and the modes and media. The purpose of course is the reasoning behind writing the narrative. The audience is who is the narrative trying to target as readers. Basically the use of logos, ethos, and pathos is the rhetorical appeal. Modes and media is the form in which the narrative is written.

Also discussed in chapter 2 is the idea that most narratives are put in chronological order, however, there is not a written rule which enforces this. Again as we are told in chapter one a narrative genre does not have to be a book. It can also range from a couple of sentences to a couple of chapters. Although, if writing an essay most are based off of logos, ethos, pathos. Which is taught in either middle school or high school. Logos is the logic being used throughout the essay, ethos is how the writer is perceived, and pathos is addressing the audience’s emotions.

Overall chapter 2 is written to discussed how to analyze a narrative. To do this you must analyze the rhetorical situation and the elements of this particular genre.


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