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Thoughts on Chapter 1

Genres are what author’s and the rest of the world use to sort and categorize pieces of work. Pieces of work can be art to music to books. Chapter one teaches us to focus mainly on the difference in characteristics of the elements of different genres. The different elements of genres include style, design, and sources. Style refers to the type of techniques in regards to how much and what type of details a writer uses. Of course the design of the genre are the visual aspects of how the writer made the piece. Sources include who, what, where, and how the writer got the facts for the piece. The chapter also discussed mode, media, and audience. The mode is the experience of the readers have while reading the composition. Mode is broken down into three parts: writer, visual, and audio. The media is the delivery mechanism of the mechanism of the composition. Targeted readers are the audience of the composition.

Generally speaking, before college teachers stress the three elements of style, design, and sources alongside the audience. However, no classes has gone into depths of the importance of genres. Usually when I read I do not focus on each elements. Therefore, what I took from reading was while reading focus on the mode, media, and elements of genre.


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